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Students Feedback

A Comprehensive Approach

With due respect, I would like to state that I really had a great experience. 

  • Priti Chatterjee

I thought the test was very interesting and I liked the format. Analysis and real world application are things that I like so I thought this test was very interesting and good to take part in.

  • Mahija Karri

I am very much interested in these type of challenges and activities. Thanks a lot for this amazing opportunity. The challenge was completely new which i have never expected. It was so fun do it and I am very happy to be a part of this. And looking forward for more such events every year. Once again thanks a lot for this opportunity.

  • K.S. Prassant

Thank you for this opportunity. It was an interesting experience, for it was a different kind of challenge. It felt like a real life application of mathematics.

  • Sudhiksha Kannan

It was very nice to write an exam that was different than any other. Thank you for the opportunity

  • Jashwanth Ramesh

It was a new experience for me as I was appearing for such an exam,  for the first time. I really thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.  I could learn a lot from the exam.  Thank you 

  • Lekshmi Nayana V.

First of all I thank you all to conduct this amazing challenge or test. This challenge was very good and we learnt more about cars. We got a chance to learn more and more things and I am glad that I had been selected to the finals. At last I enjoyed participating in this challenge. Thank you

  • Hemal Gowda

The STEM Challenge exam was a great opportunity for me to test my knowledge in Engineering subjects and the exam was conducted in a very smooth way through a very good portal . The coordinator did i very good job and i would recommend my friends also to take part in this exam, in the future

  • S. Harisri Sanjivan

I really…really… enjoyed having this exam. This was so fun and innovative. I thought of face to face question and answers, project on model something.  I was reading my 10th science book. I didn't expect this type of exam and I love the exam on the topic of tesla. This was so useful for me to know about tesla.

  • M. Suhail Ahamed

This STEM Challenge was a great opportunity for me to take part in. Most importantly the second challenge was really interesting and I enjoyed myself by participating.

-P. S. Devisree

Really it was nice experience to test ourselves. Keep bringing like this exams to India .

  • Shubhashree Manikandan

Thanks for your initiative. The final Test was really amazing. I never expected it would be in such pattern. I thought in the test they will ask about Physics, Chemistry and some General awareness questions. But it was all statistics. I learnt a lot from the test. I did well. But my interest increased to learn. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

  • Koonisetty Laasya Priya

I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling challenge as it made me think more cognitively. Thank you for this opportunity. 

  • Hari

Thank you for allowing me to participate in such an exciting event. It was fun to do so and I have enjoyed the process throughout. I am eager to get to know the results of the event ... also kindly do let me know if other such events occur shortly as I would like to pursue this further.

  • Anirudh Pillai

I sincerely thank you for giving me the opportunity to take the STEM test. I enjoyed and had fun doing the final test. Overall, it was a good learning experience.

  • Srihari K.

I really enjoyed this Final challenge Test. It was different from the traditional tests conducted elsewhere. I am really looking forward to face this type of challenges in future.  Thank you for providing me this opportunity.

  • S. Akshay

This was a new and excellent experience for me. The challenges were both conducted very professionally. I am very glad to have taken part in this challenge as I got the opportunity to learn something new from it. 

  • Dhivyadharshini C.

It was a really interesting challenge. The challenge could have been even more interesting if the difficulty of the questions was higher. But the concept with a real scenario in mind was great. I am looking forward to taking part in more such challenges.

  • Hari Aakash K.

I want to tell that i am fully delighted by this stem final challenge. I hope that in future with help of your academy I will be able to do more. 

  • Khushi Shukla

I'm writing this mail to let you know that I had a great experience and learning throughout the challenge for two consecutive times. I'm glad that I was selected in the first round. The challenge was very impressive as it was the first time I have ever been exposed to this kind of challenge.  Communication wise, it was very well planned and every instruction sent through the mail was crystal clear. Once again thank you so much for the opportunity and am glad and happy to be part of the STEM Challenge.

  • Roshni S.A.

The test was too good …..

  • Maria Antony

The Test was so amazing, from which I came to know the advantages of Electric Vehicles and the need to be eco-friendly. This test also helped me learn various marketing strategies and more information about the leading luxury cars. My Sincere thanks for giving me this golden opportunity to participate in this test. Thank you very much.

  • K. Hariprasaadh

Thank you for giving me this opportunity

  • Sri Balaji

The STEM Challenge was very informative. The final round had more fun as well as interesting mathematical concepts (Arithmetic Sequence) which I liked. The final challenge also helped in understanding the advantages of electrical cars over the gas cars.

  • Ramakrishna M.K.

The test was actually very interesting and little though but learnt a lot thankyou for this wonderful opportunity.

  • Mithrasree

It was a wonderful experience where I was faced with out of box questions. 

  • Akhilesh Goel

I experienced something really interesting. The exam was really different and unique. I liked the way questions were asked was really excited to answer them. Please keep coming up with these creative and brilliant ideas.

  • Shiv Mittal

The exam was really good and gave a good exposure to me personally and i think these kinds of exam would increase the application based learning among Indian students. Thanks for this great opportunity.

  • Srivisanth Balan

I fell happy for attending STEM Challenge first time in free cost. I am very happy to write such a competitive test. The question in final test was very interesting and twisted to solve.

  • Divya Dharshini J.

The STEM Challenge test was more of day to day logic application oriented one. For a person like me who craves for Logical day to day afair questions which provoke my thought it was very nice. The test's quality was good and prefer this more than ……... it was worth my time and interesting. 

  • Anirudh R.

I was astonished by seeing the paper and I wrote my answers very carefully and slowly because the test is the audio we have to here and write the test  Thanks for this opportunity.....especially Waran’s Academy


I have learnt many new things from STEM Challenge. I get to know about the Tesla cars and the working of it. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

  • Lakshaya K.D.

Had a great experience in taking the test.. Thank you for the effort in making this happened.. 

  • T. Poornasree

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