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STEM Challenge Test - 2022-2023

Preliminary was held on 08 July 2023

Final Project Based Test was held on 29 July 2023

Students received Australian Certification
Increased students self esteem, self confidence, sense of academic excellence and showpieced an achievement.
Encourages high achievers in STEM subjects to further excel in this area.
Identified the high achievers in STEM subjects at very young age and encouraged them in research activities in Australian Education Institutions. 
Reputation to the schools for having students with international recognition from Australia.
Encouraged and supported students to seek Australia as a destination for higher studies.

The STEM challenge test is to measure and reward the skills and abilities and achieve Academic Excellence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects for students from Class 10 to Class 12.

STEM Challenge - Pilot was held in March 2022

2023 STEM Challenge Test was held in July 2023

Next STEM Challenge will be held in April 2924

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